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What is the After Abortion Line?

The Support After Abortion After Abortion Line is a free after abortion support service that provides compassionate care via phone, text, email, webchat, and social media messaging for people impacted by abortion.


When I called the After Abortion Line I never considered that I would talk to someone else who has had an abortion. As soon as the person on the other line said, “I understand, I too had an abortion,” my fear and uncertainty lightened. I felt for once like I wasn’t alone. In talking with this woman, I was able to ask questions without the fear of not feeling understood. I got to hear that there is hope, I can move forward. I am so glad I picked up the phone and called Support After Abortion.

Why should I call the After Abortion Line?

There are so many emotions common following an abortion experience and they change over time: regret, relief, anger, grief, guilt, anxiety. If you’re struggling to process your emotions or you’re noticing uncharacteristic behaviors like substance abuse or anger issues, they could be related to your abortion experience. Contact us and let us help you. You don’t need to deal with that on your own.


How do I recover? Someone please help me. It feels like I’m drowning in sadness.


I am really struggling to cope. Never a day goes by where I don’t beat myself up for what I did. I really need your help.

Have you found yourself…

  • Playing the scene over and over again in your head wishing you had done something differently?
  • Asking yourself WHY questions that you can never answer to your satisfaction?
  • Experiencing difficulty bonding with children?
  • Struggling with relationships?
  • Desiring to have another baby immediately?
  • Feeling depressed, sad, anxious, angry?
  • Feeling alone or like no one understands what you’re going through?

I’m experiencing major waves of grief over my abortion. It’s affected me so much, I feel so depressed.


I’m suffering emotionally. And I’m so angry. It’s deeply impacting our relationship.

Abortion Healing Empowers and Frees You

Abortion healing is ultimately working through your emotions and behaviors connected to your abortion experience and finding healing through the journey.  You deserve that joy, freedom, and hope following your abortion experience. We can help you achieve it.


I felt safe to share, safe to cry, even safe to yell! Now I know I don’t have to do this alone or in silence. There are people who care and understand.


I called the Support After Abortion After Abortion Line out of desperation. I couldn’t go on like this any longer. The pain was all consuming. A woman answered. She let me cry, told me it was okay to feel. She stayed on the phone with me until I felt better; drained, but better. I just finished my healing group and cannot believe how different I am today than I was just a few months ago. Thank you for saving my life.

There is a healing option that will meet you where you are. 

We can connect you to it.

Would you like help that is . . . 

Secular or Religious 

In-Person or Virtual

Group or One-on-One

Weekend or Weekday

Known or Anonymous

We will connect you with the resource, program, or provider that best meets YOUR needs, beliefs, and desires.

What should I Expect when I contact the After Abortion Line?

You can expect that someone will listen and help meet your needs with compassion and without judgment. We can also connect you with local resources and support.

Initial Contact

If you are not connected to Support After Abortion immediately when you reach out to us via phone, text, or social media messaging, you will hear from us within 24 hours.


The After Abortion Line is a safe space for you to share what’s going on, what you’re feeling, and explore with a Support Team member what healing options may be right for you.

Some clients message back and forth with us multiple times, some in one day, some over days or weeks. Some clients want to connect with a healing resource, program, or provider right away. Some clients contact us once, and for them, being able to speak openly and freely about their pain and situation is all they need at that time. Some reach out again in a few months or even years, and then want to be connected to a healing option.

Whatever way you want the conversation to unfold, whatever level of support meets your needs, we’re here for you and will follow your lead.


When you decide you would like to pursue healing, we will ask you questions in order to determine the best fit for you. You can either fill out a form online and someone can call you or we can provide you with their contact information for you to make the connection yourself.

Healing Options

Healing looks different and our goal is to meet you where you are and offer you the best resources possible for your situation and needs. We have several options: online resources you can do independently, virtual and in-person options, secular and religious programs, one-on-one sessions with an abortion healing provider or professional counselor.There are many healing options, and Support After Abortion is like a clearinghouse connecting you to the option that works best for you.

Follow Up

Our Support Team will follow up with you using your preferred contact method (phone, text, email, or social media) in one week and in two weeks to be sure that your needs are being met, your questions answered, and if you were referred, that you were able to get connected to that resource or provider to continue your healing journey.

Get Support Today

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Want to learn more about abortion healing?
Explore our website. You may find these pages particularly helpful:

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Women’s Healing 
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Want to explore healing on your own?

Visit our Online Client Healing Center  

You’ll find self-paced programs and resources, as well as video stories of people sharing about their abortion and healing experiences.

Support After Abortion is here for YOU.

Reach out today to empower your own abortion healing journey.

Emergency Services

Dial 911 if you believe you are experiencing a medical emergency.

National Suicide Prevention & Crisis Hotline

Dial 988 if you are thinking about suicide, are worried about a friend or loved one harming themselves, or need immediate emotional support for a crisis.