Keys to Hope and Healing

Keys to Hope and Healing is the gateway to start a conversation about healing from abortion. It opens the door to start the journey and consists of six keys to work through as an individual or through a group with a facilitator. The keys build on each other, digging a little deeper into the past hurt that abortion has caused and encourages participants to look at their own lives and make connections from their current emotions and behaviors to their abortion experience and find ways to work through them.

Keys to Hope and Healing is also an effective tool for someone considering abortion, so they can be prepared for what they may experience after having an abortion.

Keys to Hope and Healing is in offered in eight separate booklets – for both men and women in secular and religious versions and in English and Spanish.


If you have been affected by an abortion experience, Keys to Hope and Healing can help you. You are not alone in how you’re feeling right now. These booklets include stories from men and women who went through a range of emotions and differing experiences after their abortions, and the steps they took along their path to hope and healing.

If you want to speak to someone about your abortion experiences, contact Support After Abortion. We are here to help you and provide you with compassionate care that leads to healing and restoration.


As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, it’s imperative to have the versatility and resources necessary to help men and women who have had abortions. Keys to Hope and Healing offers an approach that’s never been done before. As an entry level, introduction to abortion healing, this resource meets you right where you are. It goes beyond compassion.

~ Lisa Rowe, LCSW, CEO of Support After Abortion


I am so grateful for the opportunity to be in the Keys to Hope and Healing group. I have been able to talk about my abortion experience with others who understand me. I knew the day I walked out of that clinic I would never be the same. I was ashamed and embarrassed to admit that I was not ok. Then I found Support After Abortion and called the After Abortion Line. If it weren’t for them, I’m not sure how I would have gotten out of the darkness I was in. They listened and connected me to a virtual group. I am beyond thankful for this opportunity, for this healing journey.
~ Participant, Keys to Hope and Healing Support Group


I am currently half way done facilitating my first Keys to Hope and Healing group. Half the group had their abortion experience years ago and the other half had their abortions weeks ago. I am blown away by the dynamic, being able to talk about what some of us have struggled with for so long has been very informative for those that are newly walking out the trauma of abortion. We are learning so much from one another no matter the differences in our stories or time frames. What a journey we are on, I am so grateful we have this support and encouragement each week.
~ Facilitator, Keys to Hope and Healing Support Group