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Through our latest research, curricula, training, and resources, Support After Abortion educates and equips abortion healing providers to meet clients where they are, assess what they need, and offer a safe space to provide that service and impact their healing.

An estimated 22 million Americans hurting after abortions would seek help if they knew where to go.

8 out of 10 people don’t know where to find help after an abortion*

*ShapardResearch/ Support After Abortion

Support After Abortion is a catalyst to

Support After Abortion

Support After Abortion is at the forefront of the abortion healing movement, uniting and equipping abortion healing providers, and connecting them with people hurting from abortion to help them find hope and healing.

Receive Healing

Support After Abortion offers a safe place of compassion, caring, and access to healing without judgment, shame, or guilt.  We are the homebase, connecting individuals hurting from their abortion experiences with the provider or resource that best meets their needs to find hope, peace, and restore well-being.

Provide Healing

Through our latest research, gold-star curricula, grants, event speaking, and Abortion Healing Provider monthly webinars and training platform, Support After Abortion educates and equips providers to meet clients where they are, assess what they need, and offer a safe space to provide that service and impact their healing.

Options Based Approach to Abortion Healing

The healing journey takes many shapes. Support After Abortion encourages options-based healing approaches. Our ground-breaking consumer research studies conducted by ShepardResearch show the importance of offering options in order to help men and women hurting after abortion experiences to find the hope and healing they deserve in a way that they desire.

While a faith-based, in-person curriculum can be effective, it is not something everyone seeking healing is comfortable with or interested in. Yet, 95% of existing abortion healing programs meet in-person and lead with a faith-based message.

Support After Abortion creates programming and equips abortion healing providers with training, tools, and resources to meet people where they are with the type of healing options they are open to receiving.

For example, we created faith and not-faith versions of our abortion healing resource Keys to Hope & Healing for both men and women, in English and Spanish.

We also offer numerous online resources for clients and providers and encourage providers to offer virtual, as well as in person, abortion healing programs.


I love watching the healing process unfold. I can see why it’s so important to meet people hurting after abortion at their point of need. For so many years we only offered faith-based studies, so we missed the opportunity to comfort those who can’t or don’t want to step into that arena.

– Abortion Healing Provider


I was one of those who thought “in person” was the only way to lead a group.  I’ve learned virtual is as effective and maybe even more so than in person.  I can look at all the participants’ faces at one time. The silences somehow seem easier. It’s amazing. I meet women that I never would have encountered in person – ladies from all over the country and even from foreign countries.  Our ministry has taken this concept and gone Virtual.

– Abortion Healing Provider

Healing is a journey, “not a one and done”

We may meet hurting individuals anywhere along their journey path. The type of help a person needs at one point may be different from another point. Our healing, experiences, relationships, and changing perspectives may allow for new healing down the path.

Healing is a journey, not a “one-and-done”. You may have gone through an abortion healing program or spoken to a counselor or provider – maybe recently, maybe years ago. You may feel healed, and then something triggers your emotions or thoughts again. This is common. Pain and healing are often layered. Wherever you are in your healing journey, we can help.

As a virtual support group facilitator I get the honor of witnessing others break free from their bondage. But what is equally amazing is I personally get to break free of the bondage in my own life. Talking out loud with others is so impactful, so worth it. Healing is never one and done. Even as a leader, we are called to unlayer something new within these groups during each session. It is truly amazing.

– Abortion Healing Provider


Even as a group leader I have found myself occasionally wondering, “When will I be fully healed?” It has become quite clear on my healing journey that my abortion is a symptom of something so much deeper. If I had just gone though one abortion healing group and stopped, I wouldn’t find the closure or truths that I needed to. Leading groups is not something I ever saw myself doing, but I want every single person hurting from abortion to dig deeper and keep going to uncover their truths.

– Abortion Healing Provider

Building Abortion Healing Capacity

We work to expand capacity for abortion healing programs across the nation to serve the 22 million people who are hurting from their abortion experiences.  Support After Abortion’s bold, innovative approach is a catalyst leading a global change in thinking and best practices for helping those wounded by abortion to heal.

  • Creating Awareness of Abortion Grief
  • Breaking Cycles of Abortion Behavior
  • Growing Abortion-Healing Leaders
  • Developing Sought-After Healing Curriculum
  • Collaborating with the Best Strategic Leaders
  • Uniting Abortion Healing Providers
  • Conducting Revolutionary Consumer Research
  • Creating Cloud-Based Training for Leaders
  • Constructing a Database to Serve as a Gateway to Healing Providers
  • Equipping Providers to Better Understand the Need for and More Effectively Treat Abortion Healing

I can’t thank you and Support After Abortion enough for all that you do. I have been so impressed not only with your exponential growth as an organization, but with your increasing understanding of and ability to articulate the negative impacts of abortion and how best to help people who are hurting from their abortion experiences.

–  Abortion Healing Provider

Our Services for Abortion Healing Providers

FREE Monthly Training Webinars

Abortion Healing Provider Webinars 

Free monthly meetings designed to share the latest insights related to abortion healing. Includes a dedicated speaker, presentation, open forum, and discussion. Register for upcoming webinars and watch videos and read recaps of past webinars. Abortion Healing Provider Webinars alternate between the third Wednesday of the month at 12:00pm EST and the third Thursday of the month at 4:00pm EST.

Clinical Training for Clients with Abortions Webinars

For clinicians by clinicians, these monthly webinars feature clinical-level training on identifying abortion wounds and serving clients with abortion experiences. Register for upcoming webinars and watch videos and read recaps of past webinars. Clinical Training webinars are held on the third Tuesday on the month at 12:00pm EST.


I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar series on Keys to Hope and Healing and am currently working through its content. It is exceptional! Entirely accurate, concise, and filled with non-judgment and compassion. Thank you so much for providing the webinar. I was so touched by the women and their gut-wrenching testimonies. They are, for lack of better wording “my people,” and I feel entirely at home with them. I truly know I am not alone when I participate in a Support After Abortion training opportunity or monthly webinar.

– Abortion Healing Provider

Online Learning Center

Support After Abortion offers online training for providers and learning for clients.

Our Resources for Abortion Healing Providers

In addition to our monthly webinars and online training center, Support After Abortion is committed to creating and offering gold-star curricula, workshops, grants, and other resources to educate and equip providers to compassionately and effectively help your clients find hope and healing after abortion.

Keys to Hope and Healing 

Unraveled Roots 

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Directory of Abortion Healing Providers 

Support After Abortion is here to help you serve your clients.

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