At Support After Abortion, we compassionately serve individuals hurting from abortion, meeting them where they are, and connecting them to a healing provider or resource to meet their individual needs. This is accomplished through training organizations, healing providers, and volunteers to help those who contact us. 

You can join us in our mission from wherever you are located geographically!

Share your time and talents to help raise awareness for abortion healing, work remotely with clients hurting from their abortion experiences, or assist remotely with administrative needs. We invite you to explore the many opportunities we have available:

After Abortion Line

Interact directly via phone, texts, emails, and social media with men and women hurting after abortion and connect them with the resources or providers that best match their needs.

Community Ambassador

Bring the message of abortion healing to your local Pregnancy Resource Center(s), Planned Parenthood, churches, clinicians, and others who may serve those facing an unplanned pregnancy or who have experienced abortion. You are uniquely positioned to be an extension of our ministry within your own sphere of influence and community.

Speakers Bureau

Advocate for those wounded after abortion by speaking to groups of various sizes on behalf of Support After Abortion. Ideal placement for someone who has experienced abortion and healing to share their story of hope. 

Event Booths

Join Support After Abortion at conferences and events of all types around the US to set up and tear down booth space, represent us in meeting people both in the booth and through networking opportunities, and distribute merchandise and resources.

Remote Administrative

Use your administrative skills and attention to detail to assist remotely with tasks like data entry, writing thank you cards, organization, making phone calls, and other administrative functions.

Volunteer with Support After Abortion

*Abortion Healing for Volunteers

As part of our commitment to seeing a world restored from the impact of abortion, all volunteer candidates who have been impacted by abortion must participate in an approved healing program as a pre-requisite to serving in any capacity. There is a spot on the application to note if you have or have not yet participated in an abortion healing program.

I was asked to go through an abortion healing group so that I could volunteer. I said that I didn’t need it, but I agreed to do it. Wow, I had no idea how much healing I still needed to do.  What I had done was push my abortion wound down so far, not think about it much, and called that healing.  I am so thankful I went through the healing myself. Now I am able to help others with their healing.

– Volunteer Support Group Facilitator

Make an impact on someone’s life




It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to walk alongside women during their healing journey as others once walked alongside me.

– Volunteer