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At Support After Abortion our team understands first-hand how to care for women and men impacted by an abortion. We provide real-time, compassionate, genuine care for women and men who are experiencing
grief, regret, and other emotions after abortion.


We want to be that soft landing place individuals hurting from abortion need. It’s about her and what she needs, or about him and what he wants to do next. It’s not about pro-life or pro-choice. It’s about the client in front of you and what they need and want to do next.

~ Lisa Rowe, CEO, Support After Abortion

Emotions After Abortion

Immediately after your abortion, you may feel relief, but later you may feel a variety of emotions, such as anger, regret, grief, depression, guilt, anxiety, and more. This is common.

Whether you experienced abortion days or weeks ago or years or decades ago, your emotions can bubble up and become an obstacle to your emotional health and well-being.


I’m dealing with miserable depression, mood swings, and very paralyzing, intrusive thoughts since my abortion two weeks ago. The thought of, or even hearing about children, makes me cry on the spot. I want to learn to forgive myself, and honor rather than mourn the life I once created. I don’t know how I’ll get there or what steps I need to take; but I’ll do anything.


I keep crying. I was pressured and harassed to get an abortion even though I didn’t want it. I’m hurting so much. I have this hole that’s been getting bigger every day for three months because of my missing child.


I had an abortion years ago. I didn’t really struggle with it until recently. Now I’m drinking more and listening to sad music. I want a baby, but haven’t been able to. I feel horrible. I would like to meet with other women who’ve had abortions for support, so I can deal with losing my child.


Almost ten years ago I got my girlfriend pregnant. She didn’t want to keep it. Being a dad is what I always wanted. I tried everything to convince her to keep it. To this day it haunts me to the core. Because of it I sunk into a depression and lost who I was. I still have trouble being around babies or even accidentally walking down the baby aisle. I still would like a family of my own, but I need to get around this first. Please, help me.

The Ripple Effect of Abortion

Emotions after abortion can affect, and even feel overwhelming, for not only the woman and man involved directly, but also their parents, siblings, friends, and others.

Support After Abortion offers help for anyone impacted by abortion experiences.


My adult daughter recently went through an abortion and is struggling horribly with regret. We were both scared and uncertain. Now I am living with the regret of making the appointment for her and not stopping her. I would like some help with how to help her and also how to deal with my own regret.


My son was born nine months after my friend’s abortion. It’s really affecting me. I feel guilty I couldn’t stop her. I keep thinking what it would have been like to be pregnant together and have our kids grow up together. It’s heartbreaking. My friend says she’s sad, depressed, and anxious, but doesn’t regret it. I don’t know how to help her. And I don’t know how to move past my own emotions.

Healing is Possible

Abortion healing is the process of working through your emotions, grieving your losses, sharing your story, and finding freedom from making future decisions out of fear and trauma.

Abortions can be difficult to talk about, and finding the right support for you is key to achieving hope, peace, and healing to restore your well-being.

If you have experienced abortion, or been impacted by someone else’s abortion, we are here for you. Support After Abortion meets you where you are, with acceptance and without judgment.

We care. We listen. We help. Healing is Possible.


Thank you for helping me. I lived in silence for 30 years until I found help.


I carried the guilt and shame of my abortion for 45 years before I attended an after abortion support group through Support After Abortion. There I was able to come to terms with my past and release the shame and guilt that I carried for so long.


My abortion was the biggest secret I ever carried. I never thought I would get out of the darkness that I was engulfed in. I felt completely alone and misunderstood. Then I found Support After Abortion and was connected to a group. I shared my abortion experience for the first time in my Keys to Hope and Healing group and instantly saw light breaking through. My secret changed, my life changed.

Healing on Your Terms

Support After Abortion offers you a safe place of compassion, caring, and access to healing without judgment, shame, or guilt.

We will work with you to determine what type of healing works best for you – for your schedule, your beliefs, and your desire for care – whether that’s anonymous, one-on-one, group, virtual, in-person . . .

We will connect you with a program or provider that is right for you.

Healing is a Journey

Healing is a journey, not a “one-and-done”. You may have gone through an abortion healing program or spoken to a counselor or provider – maybe recently, maybe years ago. You may feel healed, and then something triggers your emotions or thoughts again. This is common. Pain and healing are often layered. Wherever you are in your healing journey, we can help.
I already see the changes the last six weeks in my support group that Support After Abortion connected me to has made in my day to day. I look forward to continuing on my healing journey. Thank you for everything.
I know that the topics are going to be hard and the emotions up and down, but I find myself encouraged and ready. We heal in layers, and I am ready to peel away the next layer on my journey to wholeness.

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