Our Purpose

Inspiring Compassion

Promoting Collaboration

Building Capacity for Abortion Healing

Support After Abortion is a fast growing, national 501(c)(3) non-profit that works with over 800+ agencies to individualize the care that a person impacted by abortion receives to find the hope and healing they deserve.

Through our After Abortion Line we connect those seeking healing with those who provide healing.  Through webinars, clinical meetings, conference training, our online learning platform, curriculum, and resources, we equip leaders, counselors, clinicians, and other abortion healing providers to support those impacted by abortion.

Our innovative, research-centered, options-based model gives people hurting from abortion experiences an opportunity to live their best life by breaking free from guilt, shame, condemnation, and other painful emotions.

Inspiring Compassion

Bridging the Gap

People who have been impacted by abortion often feel that they have nowhere to turn. They face isolation and a lack of validation that their feelings surrounding their abortion experience are real. We don’t judge or condemn. We meet them where they are, validate their feelings, and help them find the healing they deserve. 

Our research shows that most people hurting from an abortion experience don’t know where to turn for help. We are that bridge between the healing they need and the providers that can help them.

Who is Hurting?

  • 1 in 4 women and men in your neighborhood, your campus, your PTA, your work place, your church pews, and beyond will experience abortion by their 45th birthday.
  • There are nearly a million abortions happening in our country each year.
  • Half of those receiving abortions have had at least one previous abortion, and half of those have had two or more abortions.
  • 3 out of 4 women report that if it were not for her circumstances, she would not have an abortion.
  • 44% of men report they did not have a voice in the abortion decision.
  • 22 million people are currently hurting after their abortion experiences.
  • 90% do not know where to go for help.

“It brings a deep guilt, sadness and feeling of loss”   

“I’m haunted by it”

“I deeply regret doing this”

“It has been over 20 years since I had the abortion and it still hurts me a very great deal”   

Research shows that men and women hurt after abortion. Their feelings may include anger, grief, depression, shame, suicidal thoughts, guilt, abandonment, regret, and more. These feelings have an impact – they end relationships and marriages, create bonding difficulties with other children, and can even lead to substance use, homelessness, and job loss.

A Catalyst for Compassion

Support After Abortion is a catalyst for changing the abortion conversation from condemnation to compassion.

  • WHAT IF the discussion about abortion was rooted in compassion and human dignity instead of politics and religion?
  • WHAT IF those facing an unplanned pregnancy felt the freedom of mental health to make a decision not rooted in the cloud of trauma, fear and grief?
  • WHAT IF there was a clear, compassionate message from each of us drawing in the heart and mind of those who need healing BEFORE they go back for another abortion or recommend it to someone in their life?
  • WHAT WOULD the ripple effect of healing do within our neighborhoods, campuses, pews, and beyond?

Support After Abortion is leading a new movement of compassion, collaboration, and capacity for abortion healing to fulfill our vision to end the demand for abortion by healing those impacted by abortion.

Promoting Collaboration

Our Innovative Approach  

Support After Abortion is at the forefront of the abortion healing movement, uniting and equipping abortion healing providers, and connecting them with people hurting from abortion to help them find hope and healing.

Receive Healing

Support After Abortion offers a safe place of compassion, caring, and access to healing without judgment, shame, or guilt.  We are the hub that connects individuals hurting from their abortion experiences with the provider or resource that best meets their needs to find hope, peace, and restore well-being.

Healing Providers

Using our latest research and vast experiences of our group facilitators, Support After Abortion educates and equips providers to meet clients where they are, assess what they need, and offer a safe space to provide that service and impact their healing.

Expanding Abortion Healing Capacity

We work to expand capacity for abortion healing programs across the nation to serve the 22 million people who are hurting from their abortion experiences. By working to heal those hurt by abortion, we we can start to end the demand for abortion by:


  • Creating Awareness of Abortion Grief
  • Breaking Cycles of Abortion Behavior
  • Growing Abortion-Healing Leaders
  • Developing Sought-After Healing Curriculum
  • Collaborating with the Best Strategic Leaders
  • Uniting Abortion Healing Providers
  • Conducting Revolutionary Consumer Research
  • Creating Cloud-Based Training for Leaders
  • Constructing a Database to Serve as a Gateway to Healing Providers
  • Equipping Providers to Better Understand the Need for and More Effectively Treat Abortion Healing