After Abortion Healing for Men

Men: Your Pain Is Real.

Men are not immune to the effects of their partner’s abortion. Men’s grief after abortion can be disenfranchised, overlooked by society. This hidden struggle can lead to isolation and emotional distress. Research on the impact of abortion on men reveals:

  • 1 in 5 men will experience abortion by age 45 through a partner’s termination
  • 71% of men said they experienced adverse effects after abortion loss
  • 83% of men said they would have benefitted from talking to someone
  • 82% of men and women said they didn’t know where to get help.

you matter. Support After Abortion is here for you.

Man contacting Support After Abortion for help

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It takes strength to ask for help. Reach out to our After Abortion Line – we’re here to listen and support you. Your well-being matters, and there are people who genuinely care about you. You’ve got this.

Man starting self-guided abortion healing

start self-guided after-abortion healing

Embark on your healing journey at your pace. Our free online program offers tools for growth and recovery for you to experience privately. You deserve this step toward well-being. You’re not alone – we’re here to guide you. Take the first step to a brighter tomorrow.

Unraveled Roots for Men

Unraveled Roots for Men

Dig into the roots of abandonment, addiction, abuse and codependency in the format you pick: book, audiobook, support group or self-guided video series. By men, for men, this resource will interrupt the cycle of unhealthy patterns in your life.

“I started using marijuana to cope

with the emotions, anger, grief, anxiety and depression. The abortion has affected my ability to form and maintain relationships. I don’t want to lose more time because I didn’t deal with my emotions, feelings, and grief in a healthy way.”

“Being a Dad is what I always wanted

To this day it haunts me to the core. Because of it I sunk into a depression and lost who I was. I still have trouble being around babies or even accidentally walking down the baby aisle. I still would like a family of my own, but I need to get
around this first.”

“After going through AA and into deeper healing

I realized the root for me was the abortion. Going through Keys to Hope and Healing helped me to process the sad thoughts, regret, sorrow, and shame I used to feel.”

“Even though I'm pro-choice

I was surprised I felt so much. I thought since I was okay with abortion I wouldn’t be affected. But it just destroyed me.”

“I have an emptiness

that always lingers. I said I’d raise it if she didn’t want it. I had no choice, I couldn’t save my baby.”

“My girlfriend of 11 months

just had an abortion, and it is deeply impacting our relationship. I’m just looking for some kind of support and counseling, so I can talk to someone.”

“I wasn't consulted

about the decision to have the procedure in any capacity and learned about it as it was happening. I have to deal with being left out of any discussion surrounding the options and the loss itself.”

“I have insurmountable grief.

Regret. I feel like a horrible person.”

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