After Abortion Healing for Men

Your Trauma Is Real

Men are not immune to the effects of abortion. If you’re hurting, you’re not alone.

If you are counseling men hurt by abortion, we can help you learn how to best serve them.

Support After Abortion is here to help you.

44% of men surveyed said they did not have a voice in the abortion decision1

71% of men surveyed said they had adverse effects after abortion1

1 ShapardResearch / Support After Abortion

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“She didn't want to keep it

and being a dad is what I always wanted. I tried everything to convince her. To this day it haunts me to the core. Because of it, I sunk into a depression and lost who I was.”

“I have an emptiness

that always lingers. I said I’d raise it if she didn’t want it. I had no choice, I couldn’t say save my baby.”

“My girlfriend of 11 months

just had an abortion, and it is deeply impacting our relationship. I’m just looking for some kind of support and counseling, so I can talk to someone.”

“I wasn't consulted

about the decision to have the procedure in any capacity and learned about it as it was happening. I have to deal with being left out of any discussion surrounding the options and the loss itself.”

“I have insurmountable grief.

Regret. I feel like a horrible person.”

Support After Abortion and our Men’s Task Force provide compassionate support and create accessible resources to assist men in healing after abortion.

Resources for Men

Keys to Hope and Healing

Keys to Hope and Healing opens the conversation about healing from an abortion experience. It brings to light common emotions and feelings following an abortion and can help connect the dots from emotions, feelings, and behavior to abortion. It is offered in faith, secular, English, and Spanish for both men and women. It is offered in faith and not-faith versions for women and men.  Facilitator’s Guide is available.

Men Healing from Trauma Conference

The Support After Abortion Men Healing from Trauma Conference was the first of its kind and provided free training and resources for men seeking to heal from abortion. Leaders, clinicians, and counselors working with men suffering from abortion trauma were also given tools they needed to aid their clients.

Self-Paced Programs

Our Self-Paced Healing Programs offers free online, self-paced programs and resources, including as well as brief video stories of people sharing their personal experiences with abortion.

Training Center for Providers

Our Training Center for Providers offers online, programs and resources to equip leaders, providers, clinicians, clergy, and others for abortion healing. It helps providers explore, assess, and understand risk factors, challenges, and best practices for healing related to abortion

“Male trauma in general is not legitimized

in our culture – whether it’s sex abuse, physical abuse, domestic violence exposure, abortion,” said Greg Hasek, MA/MFT and Licensed Mental Health Counselor, “It’s not that guys are not hurting from abortion, sex abuse, childhood trauma, or whatever. Historically, there’s been no place that validates that male experience because men are perceived as the perpetrators of female trauma, and not the victims of trauma. That’s a very distinct difference. Greg explained that often men’s real pain is confused with other issues like anger, substance abuse, and work and relational struggles.”

“My husband and I have abortion in our past separately.

His story is so different than mine. I had no idea until he told me about his lack of choice how men really felt.
– Female Abortion Healing Provider”

“Listening is crucial.

What men will say when they know they can speak and just be heard is extraordinary.
– Male Abortion Healing Provider”

“The depth of the hurt in men

is extraordinary and I think it is as profound for men as it is for women.
– Male Abortion Healing Provider”

“How grateful I am for this discussion

[of men’s healing from abortion]. This was an elephant in the room of our marriage for 23 years. We had an abortion before we got married. After the abortion, we did not talk about that event for 23 years because men are not allowed to talk about it. Abortion can have such a relational impact – sometimes for decades. This secret can fracture marriages. Abortion healing creates safe places for people to unpack their pain.
– Female Abortion Healing Provider

Men’s Healing In the News

Almost Daddy’ Author Pulls Back Veil on Men’s Trauma After Abortion

Greg Mayo, author of Almost Daddy and member of Support After Abortion’s Men’s Task Force, interview on The Nation Speaks with Cindy Drukier about the impact of abortion on men.