Be an Ambassador for
Abortion Healing in Your Community


  • a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common
  • a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

Think of all the communities to which you belong – workplace, business, school, social, hobbies, interests, ethnic, religious, sports, as well as family, neighborhood, city . . .

Have you gone through healing yourself and want to help others experience that freedom?

 Use your own story to make an impact!

Be a Voice of Compassion

Engage in conversations with friends, colleagues, and others about the need for abortion healing, speaking and listening with compassion. Share our resources, such as the After Abortion Line and Keys to Hope and Healing. Connect them with Support After Abortion.

Identify Your Community Needs

Using assessment tools and training from Support After Abortion, identify what resources exist in your community for abortion healing and what healing resources need to be augmented.

Fill in the Gaps

Using resources, curricula, and assistance from Support After Abortion, start or diversify abortion healing programs in your community to meet the needs of those seeking help.

Passionate about abortion healing?

Love to connect people with great causes?

Host an Evening with Friends

or Other Gathering

Host a small event with friends and others you want to connect with Support After Abortion and our work. It’s an amazing way to use your hosting talents to raise awareness of the need for abortion healing in your community and offer ways for them to support our work.  You and your friends can help bring hope and healing to men and women hurting from abortion.

You might choose appetizers & cocktails, dinner, wine tasting, backyard BBQ, or other creative gathering. It doesn’t need to be fancy – light refreshments are great, the less work you take on as a party planner, the more you can focus on the mission of your event.

You may choose to focus on one or two services or programs or the overall abortion healing mission of Support After Abortion. Or, share your personal experiences and why you got involved.

You may consider inviting Support After Abortion to speak with your guests and answer questions. If we aren’t able to send someone in person, perhaps we could attend virtually.  We can mail you a packet of supplies including information about Support After Abortion, donation forms, and marketing materials.

For more information, or to discuss details of your event, contact