Provider Training Center

Everything you need to know to help those impacted by abortion. Videos & resources to help you help others.

Introduction to Abortion Healing

This is our core training program designed to help equip you to provide compassionate support to those seeking healing.

Unraveled Roots

You are about to embark on an amazing journey. Walk with women toward healing and freedom from lifelong, damaging, and dysfunctional cycles and behaviors.

Keys to Hope and Healing

This secular curriculum is ideal for the man or woman who doesn’t want to start with God. Begin the recovery journey with your clients and help them find closure.

Monthly Provider Webinars

These meetings are designed to share the latest insights related to abortion healing and include a dedicated speaker, presentation, open forum and discussion.

Music as a Bridge to Abortion Healing

Music has the unique ability to speak to us in a way that connects to our deepest emotions. Music is healing for those dealing with trauma and grief.

Quarterly Facilitator Trainings

Elevate your facilitation skills and unlock strategies for impactful group dynamics for any abortion healing program. Both seasoned and beginner facilitators will gain valuable insights and learn proven techniques. No cost. Held virtually 12-1p JAN 24, APR 24, JUL 24, NOV 27.

Men's Healing Matters Webinars

Learn tips and strategies for helping men heal after abortion. These webinars are ideal for men and women who are current and prospective abortion healing providers and group facilitators. There is no cost to attend. Join us virtually from 12-1pm on the 2nd Wed of each month.

Resource Library

Access free resources including assessment tools, sample intake questions, Keys to Hope and Healing facilitator graphics, abortion research handout, and more!

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