Why wouldn’t she let us raise her baby?

Our daughter is beautiful. A cheerleader in high school and the homecoming queen. The summer after graduation, our daughter told us she was pregnant and that she was having an abortion. We didn’t even know she was having sex. We pleaded with her. We encouraged adoption. We said we would raise her baby. Nothing we said could penetrate the stone exterior our daughter had developed. She had the abortion. Her life seemed to go on as usual, except she wasn’t as outgoing as she once was. She didn’t have the enthusiasm she once had. Three months later, our daughter got pregnant again. She had another abortion.

Our daughter is a shell of her former self. To ask her, she would say she’s fine. We know she’s not. How can we help her? Where did we go wrong? There must be some reason she was looking for love and attention. Is there something deeper to our choices?

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