What’s your root?

Have you ever noticed that we tend to concern ourselves with the symptoms of life? We address the alcoholism, gambling, and pornography. We excuse the use of birth control and being sexually active as the norm – everyone is doing it. Better to be safe than sorry. Yet none of these things is normal. They’re damaging to our health, our relationships, and our spirituality.

So what is the why beneath our what? Why do we make the choices we make?

For me I learned or developed the belief, at a very young age, that I would never be good enough. I look back on my life now, and I can see how that belief, which became a stronghold – a root, has driven most of my decisions in my life. In order to fit in, to feel as if I belonged, I used drugs at a young age, I had sex at a young age, I drank at a young age. Behavior like that does not come without consequences. And those consequences just confirmed by belief, I’ll never measure up. And the bad choices continued. They grew in how harmful they were to myself and others. When does the vicious cycle end, when did it begin?

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