Nathan Misirian

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Chief Operating Officer

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    Nathan has a heart for ministry and has been serving couples, men and mentoring students for the last two decades. As COO of Support After Abortion, he brings operational and strategic excellent across plans. Additionally, he leads and champions the Healing After Abortion for Men through the Men’s Task Force, a national team of leaders and men who are impacted by abortion with a focused on healing. Nathan also designs and implements the worldwide digital conferences which has connected with over 10,000 people in just one year.

    An expert in taking complex technical topics and making them easy to understand, Nathan Misirian is a leader in the world of search engine marketing and a passionate speaker, skilled at crafting engaging presentations where the audience feels comfortable participating and asking questions.

    When he’s not working one-on-one with clients, Nathan speaks on the topic of search engine marketing to bring leaders to a better understanding of how it works and the influence it has on today’s business world.

    Nathan also volunteers his time speaking at various non profit organizations that he is involved in, such as Champions for Learning, The Future Institute, Uncharted Learning and Immokalee Foundation