Jessie Lapek

Director of Expansion

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A bachelor’s degree in Criminology from the University of South Florida has equipped Jessie with a unique skill set that allows her to utilize her knowledge of human behavior to better understand and serve her clients. As the former Regional Residential Coordinator of Selah Freedom, a national organization serving survivors of sex trafficking, she excelled in serving survivors of great trauma. As fate would have it, Jessie’s work in serving those with stories of childhood sexual abuse, gang violence, sex trafficking, addiction, and abortion actually opened the door to her own healing. After a decade of suppressing the pain and trauma caused by her own abortion experiences, Jessie joined a Support After Abortion group which enabled her to break free from the guilt and shame she carried for so many years. Jessie’s personal journey through abortion and healing has uncovered her undeniable passion and purpose for working with men and women impacted by abortion.