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Find an abortion healing provider in our new Abortion Healing Provider Referral Directory.

Similar to other losses or traumas, people who have abortion experiences feel a variety of emotions such as relief, anger, regret, grief, depression, guilt, anxiety, and more. Individuals can benefit from abortion healing, which is the process of working through emotions, sharing their stories, grieving losses, and restoring well-being.

Support After Abortion’s research shows that 63% of women and 83% of men who have experienced or been impacted by abortion want support, yet only 18% know where to go for help. This directory helps men and women who are suffering after abortion find providers and the healing options they want and enables providers to network and offer and receive referrals to connect clients to their best healing options.

Professionals in the directory include:

Licensed clinical therapists, counselors, and other individuals and agencies that provide healing resources for individuals and the people in their lives who have experienced or been impacted by abortion.

Our research shows the importance of offering options that enable people to receive healing in a way they desire, that’s why our directory includes:

Anonymous, secular, religious, virtual, in-person, individual, group, self-guided, Spanish, English, and more.

Benefits of joining the directory:

  • Connect with clients seeking after abortion support and to other professionals who provide after abortion healing.
  • Receive referrals from other professionals who are assisting their clients in finding the type of support they desire.

Disclaimer: Support After Abortion does not render medical or clinical advice nor endorse specific professionals or programs.

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