Monthly Provider Webinars

These meetings are designed to share the latest insights related to abortion healing and include a dedicated speaker, presentation, open forum and discussion.

Contact us at Support After Abortion, we would be honored to walk alongside you as you begin to unravel your roots or 844-289-HOPE (4673).

Facilitation in Action

September 2023

Group Guidelines

August 2023

Code of Ethics

July 2023

How to Assess Clients for Support Group Readiness

June 2023

Wrap Around Care

May 2023

Men Healing After Abortion 

April 2023

Emotional & Spiritual Healing

March 2023

Meeting Clients Across Different Belief Systems  

February 2023

Healthy Helping: How to ensure you’re giving from a full cup

January 2023

The Abortion Healing Process: How to Remain Curious
December 2022

Launching the Abortion Healing Provider Referral Directory
November 2022

Memorializing Children Lost to Abortion
October 2022

How the Church Can Think and Talk Differently So We Can Create Safe Spaces
September 2022

How Do You Find and Connect with Resource Options that Best Meet Client Needs?
August 2022

Self-Guided Abortion Healing
July 2022

Music as a Bridge to Abortion Healing
June 2022

Does Your Intake Form Prompt Truth?
May 2022

How To Effectively Help Men Find Healing
April 2022

Is God Necessary for Abortion Healing?
March 2022