Unraveled Roots for Men Journal – Digital Download

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Some wounds are so deeply buried beneath the surface that we don’t even realize they are there. They lie dormant until something or someone pokes at the wound. And suddenly we’re reliving an experience, a rejection, a season or difficulty so long ago that we may have forgotten it. Yet, the pain that unexpectedly rises to the surface is as real as if it had just occurred yesterday.

The Unraveled Roots journal is for you and you alone. Please take time to reflect on your journey. Write down your feelings, thoughts, and capture the date. Cry, get angry, forgive yourself and others, whatever this process looks like for you. It’s personal and it’s your story. You matter.

If you would like to learn more about joining a Virtual Unraveled Roots Group, please email or text/call 844.289.4673 and our After Abortion Line Team will be ready to help.


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