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4 Causes of Damaging Behaviors


Tired of feeling stuck in the same old rut, no matter how hard you push to break free? Longing for a change that seems just out of reach? It’s not just bad luck or coincidence keeping you down. Your past, those hidden hurts and traumas, they re pulling the strings on your present.

But guess what? You’re not alone, and you’re not doomed to repeat the same behaviors and patterns forever. Guys like Greg have proven that transformation is real, and it’s within your reach.

Unraveled Roots for Men is an entry-level book – the start of a journey into ideas and methods of coping and healing. Tackle abandonment, addiction, abuse, and codependency head-on. See how each may have impacted your life and influenced your decisions and choices. You’ll find insights and pathways to growth that will point you toward deeper healing and understanding.

Unraveled Roots for Men, will help you:

  • Dig deep to uncover why you keep falling into the same traps.
  • Bust the myths and lies holding you back, even the ones you didn’t realize were there.
  • Take control of your life, step by step, building a future you’re proud of.

There is hope. Change is possible. Life can be different.

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