Maria Vision

Walking in Healing by Support After Abortion was a nine-episode Catholic TV show that aired live on Maria Vision in 2023. Each week included special guests.

Episode 9: Understanding the impact of chilhood trauma and abortion’s impact on men

Most people are surprised when men reveal the extent of childhood drama. Our guest, Greg Mayo shares the traumatic experiences during childhood and how they shaped his life as he experienced two abortions. Join us and learn how to grow in compassion and how the impact of men and abortion touches 1 in 4 people.

Episode 8: Uncovering the impact of abortion with alcohol and drug addiction

Over the years, alcohol and drug addiction is more commonly discussed than ever before. However, in collaboration with St Matthew’s House, a leading residential program for addiction recovery, we’ll uncover how the hidden trauma of abortion influences addictive behavior. Join us to hear first-hand stories of drug and alcohol abuse and the impact of abortion on men. Our guests will be Ray Steadman, VP of St Matthew’s House and a businessman John Huffman, President of Huffman Construction.

Episode 7: Radical Love for People Impacted by Abortion

Collaboration Around the Country Caring, helping and loving on men and women in Louisville. Learn and hear how God uses Angela Minter who combines faith, love and service to show compassionate care for people impacted by abortion.

Episode 6: the power of divine mercy

The word “abortion” feels divisive and often is not spoken about amongst friends or even at church. However, millions of people are impacted by abortion and don’t know where to go for help or healing. We will share the power of Divine Mercy and how it can heal people impacted by abortion. Join us for a heartfelt conversation with special guest Joan Kane who lives in the Archdiocese of St Louis and is passionate about sharing Jesus’ mercy.

Episode 5: Collaboration in our Community

Exploring how a pregnancy center experiences the power of healing for its clients and donors. Scott Baier, CEO will share the work of CPCI and co-leading a men’s group on healing those impacted by abortion. We will discuss how faith informs our acts of service and care for others.

Episode 4: Compassion towards men who are impacted by abortion

Often we think of women and babies as part of the ProLife conversation. However, men are impacted by abortion and we will have Ron Ransom share his abortion experience, his road to healing and how he is walking with other men in their healing journey. 

Episode 3: Bringing Light To Your Story – The power of sharing your story being impacted by abortion.

Witnessing glorifies God and shines a light on darkness. We each have been impacted by great difficulty and it’s our natural inclination tohide and not share. However, there is healing and hope when someone has the courage to share their story of how abortion impacted them. Join us to hear Karin Barbito’s story and the way her life helps others heal.

Episode 2: Speaking with compassion at church to those impacted by abortions

During this episode we will explore how the Church can communicate with truth and grace on the topic of abortion. Join us for an interactive discussion with Fr. Shawn Monahan OMV, Assistant Director of Spirituality within the Diocese of Venice, FL. We will discern how to speak compassionately to those who have been impacted by abortions.

Episode 1: Leading with Compassion. Learning from Jesus who shows compassion towards hurting people

Support After Abortion leads with compassion for those impacted by abortion. Both men and women may experience a range of emotions like shame, guilt, anger and isolation. Watch to discover how we can adjust our approach from condemnation to compassion with those impacted by abortion.