What Is Abortion Healing?

Abortion leaves a lasting impact on people around the world. An abortion experience can affect current and future relationships. Many people turn to drugs, alcohol, and unhealthy relationships to cope with the shame and guilt of having an abortion. Parents struggle to bond with and raise their children, causing their children to carry the unnecessary burdens of their parent’s choices. This leaves them more at risk of experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and abortion themselves. A restoration journey takes men and women through a process of healing wounds created by an abortion experience. In this process, men and women work through feelings of guilt, shame, anger, regret, and more. By the end of their healing program, men and women can heal from their abortion experience as well as repair and rebuild broken relationships. This healing provides them with newfound hope and freedom.

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Help bring compassion and capacity abortion healing worldwide by collaborating with a network of abortion healing providers! Our network leverages the latest research, gold-standard curriculum and peer support.

What is Option-Based Healing?

Options-based restoration means we meet clients right where they are and provide services based on their stated needs. There are people from all different backgrounds with different life experiences and different beliefs. Therefore, what works for one person may not work for another. Additionally, clients are at different stages in their lives, and working or raising a family may inhibit them from attending a group during center hours. We have learned that there is not a one size fits all package to healing for those struggling with abortion making it imperative to offer a multitude of options for clients.

Why is Options-Based Healing Important?

In the last three years, we have learned a lot as a result of direct experience and research conducted by Heroic Media and Shapard Research. Findings reveal that there are approximately 30 million Americans who would benefit from after abortion support if they knew where to find it and it fit their needs. We want to assist in meeting that need by helping organizations expand their restoration programs to offer an options-based approach

Who needs Option-Based Healing?

There is no limit to who can benefit from our options-based approach to restoration. The effects of an abortion decision often reach far beyond the woman herself. That experience could impact many people. From the man involved to parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, pastors, mentors, etc. The list is endless for the number of people an abortion can negatively impact. It could be people intentionally involved in the decision or those who had no idea it even happened until after it was too late. Anyone, no matter what way they are impacted, can benefit from a restoration program that will meet them right where they are.