Support After Abortion began as a grassroots project three years ago, serving as an intake location with a mission: to refer clients hurting from abortion to the most appropriate program available based on their needs.

In the midst of COVID-19, we launched our first Healing Network Virtual
Conference. Did you know we had over 63 national speakers and more than 5,500 attendees from 20+ different countries!

Our vision is to see a world restored from the impact of abortion. This can not be done alone; and up to this point, no one has been willing to unite hundreds of efforts, mostly acting independently and in isolated silos.

Coming together in service of healing: Support After Abortion Healing Network Virtual Conference

Join us to build and strengthen abortion healing worldwide!

What You will Experience

  • Specific learning and discovery tracks that are integrated with speakers and experts
  • Introducing Clergy and Healing Certification CEU programs
  • Sponsors Virtual Exhibit and Live Booths

Featured Conference Presenters

Abortion healing for military and veterans – Jody Duffy

The unintended pregnancy rate in the military is twice that of the general population. Most end in abortion. Eventually, military members transition into civilian life and carry that burden long after they leave the military and become veterans. Military family members are also significantly affected by
abortion. This presentation is designed to provide information about the need and uniqueness of providing healing to our military and veterans.

From perfect mess to perfect love – Rhonda de le Moriniere

Rhonda de la Moriniere shares how her abortion wound kept her bound in a pattern of shame and guilt-based living until an invitation arrived through an unlikely set of circumstances that led her being healed once and for all. This is her story of how she moved from being a perfect mess to someone who knows she is perfectly loved.