Support After Abortion began as a grassroots project three years ago, serving as an intake location with a mission: to refer clients hurting from abortion to the most appropriate program available based on their needs.

We learned quickly that there is no single pathway to healing, and that we had to meet each client where they were in their journey in order to provide the help they so desperately needed. For some clients, this meant maintaining anonymity; for some, it meant finding the right group setting for support; for others, it meant finding a gospel-led message as the preferred path.

We spent the next three years doing the work: gaining field experience helping clients and investing in scientific research, and benchmarking with other organizations providing abortion healing services. Throughout this work, SAA evolved into a healing network which is building and strengthening abortion healing worldwide.

Our vision is to see a world restored from the impact of abortion. This can not be done alone; and up to this point, no one has been willing to unite hundreds of efforts, mostly acting independently and in isolated silos.

Coming together in service of healing: Support After Abortion Healing Network Virtual Conference

Support After Abortion will hosted our first-ever FREE Support After Abortion Healing Network Virtual Conference from July 30 – August 1, 2020.  Our expected audience are Pregnancy Help Centers, Clergy, Curriculum owners, clients, clients’ family members and other service providers.

If you would like access to over 60 speakers, recordings of a our premium live booths and download resources, join now with the Premium Pass. Members will have 90 days of unlimited access to the amazing resources and videos in our digital conference.

Conference Highlights and Engagement