We have seen the power of prayer. Your prayers are crucial to support the men and women who are hurting from their abortion experiences and the leaders, providers, and clinicians who serve them. 
Please join us in praying for these intentions:

We pray . . . 

  • that men and women impacted by abortion would desire and reach out to us for healing.
  • that Support After Abortion would meet hurting people where they are without judgment and with compassion.
  • that all those seeking healing will find it with the program options that meet their needs and gain the freedom that comes from healing.
  • for an increase in capacity for abortion healing programs among both current and new providers.
  • that the Lord will bring compassionate volunteers to work alongside our staff.
  • for an increase in awareness of the need for healing after abortion.
  • for inspiration and success in developing curricula and programming to meet the needs of men and women hurting from abortions.
  • for God to energize donors to contribute in order to help serve people, equip providers, and accomplish our mission to end the demand for abortion by healing those hurting from abortion.

The mercy of God is boundless.

He is at work in every aspect of healing.


While leading Unraveled Roots, I continue to be amazed at how God shows up to meet each individual exactly where they are. I’m proud to be part of an organization that is committed to doing just that. We show up to meet individuals where they are with no judgment, and God does the rest of the work. We can trust Him to do the “heart” work in each of our participants.

– Group Facilitator Testimony