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In an atmosphere of acceptance and flexibility, we offer an options-based approach to emotional and spiritual healing. The client can choose a program that best suits their need. This approach means that any client anywhere can be connected to a program of their choosing. This means that over 800 agencies were referred to and worked with us to assist our clients.

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There are many opportunities to support our cause, whether you are looking to support us one-time or recurring, we have options for you.

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Our Impact

One in four women will have an abortion by the time they reach 45 years of age, and the toll at this point is in the millions. Our experience is that many struggle afterward. Support After Abortion Inc (SAA) will connect them with the resources that are right for them, to help them find a safe path to healing.

In 2019, as a program of Pregnancy Solutions, 966 people in 46 states in the USA were served.


For Help call the hotline: 844 289 HOPE


What Donors Say

Image I feel as though this will touch many lives. The healing that will happen through your program will be beyond anything we can even imagine.
Image You guys hit a home run!! So thankful for your willingness to do this. I feel it has and will continue to strengthen ALL of us in a huge way!!
Image Thank you all so much for what you're doing! I had no idea how much this secret was slowly killing me inside. Time to reveal is so the healing can begin.

Campaigns you can impact

24/7 Hope Line

Our 24/7 HOPE line support team is working hard to answer those calls and cries of help that many depend on. For every $150, covers 1 hour of our HOPE line, which most have found a safe haven within.

Sponsor Healing

Abortion recovery is of equal importance for veterans. Veterans often have a difficult time re-entering and adjusting to civilian life. Having to adapt to civilian life while trying to manage an unhealed abortion experience can also be dangerous.

Global Impact

In an effort for our global impact, we are looking to expand to these countries: Nigeria, Kenya, and Argentina. Your donations would go towards the building of this community in these countries that would be working towards healing those that have been affected by abortions.