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Tikvat Rachel Jewish Healing Program

Jewish Healing After Abortion

Tikvat Rachel offers a healing pathway for Jews who seek a confidential, safe, accepting, and Jewish program to address the deeply personal issues that arise after abortion. We honor and encourage the healing journey of every post abortive Jew, young or old, male or female, religious or secular.

We base the program on the spiritual concept of Teshuvah and its promise of healing in Judaism. For a Jewish mother or father who suffers, Teshuvah provides relief from the pain, sadness, grief, loneliness and confusion after abortion. 

These feelings go unexpressed in our social, family, temple, and professional circles due to the fear of being ostracized or judged. This isolates us on a personal level and leads to mental, emotional, and behavioral problems that get worse over time. Traditional drug or talk therapy has little effect without this essential spiritual component.

Our healing program is confidential and free of charge. The program is in English with Hebrew translation and captioning. Please join us in our private zoom room for our next healing opportunity.