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The Pregnancy and Parenting Center

Many people have been touched by abortion. You may have experienced abortion yourself or know someone close to you who has experienced abortion. She may be your daughter, your mother, your girlfriend, your wife, your friend. If you have experienced abortion or been impacted by someone else’s abortion, we are here to listen and offer support. We offer a safe place where you will be respected, valued, and listened to where you are. We provide two resources you and a caring advocate can work through together one-on-one or you can experience in a group setting:

  • Our faith-based process uses the book, Transforming Your Story: A Path to Healing After Abortion by Wendy Giancola and takes place over a nine-week period. It includes spiritual tools to help you along the journey which include “Biblical stories of redemption; practical suggestions for coping with anger, depression, and shame; prayers that open the soul to God; journal prompts to unburden the heart; and personal experiences of women who have found healing.” Transforming Your Story, 2018
  • Our non faith-based resource is Keys to Hope and Healing, a resource from The Word Among Us Partners and Support After Abortion. It is “the gateway to start a conversation about healing from abortion. It opens the door to start the journey and consists of six keys to work through” with your advocate. “The keys build on each other, digging a little deeper into the past hurt that abortion has caused and encourages participants to look at their own lives and make connections from their current emotions and behaviors to their abortion experience and find ways to work through them.”

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