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Here at 1st Steps, we recognize the need for processing and validating our experience after abortions. Women and men feel a wide variety of emotions, and this can impact the response to these feelings. These emotions and behaviors may arise days, months, or even years later, and sometimes the feelings can even conflict with each other. Just as each person and situation is different so are the options available as you begin your healing journey, even if you are not sure what you need or what to look for.  We are here to walk with you in whatever way you need.  We offer group and individual support.  Your participation in our healing support programs is completely confidential and is led by our compassionate staff who have experienced the need for and the freedom from walking through a healing program.

We listen, we care, and you are never alone.

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, please dial 988 or visit

You are not alone, and help is available for FREE 24/7