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Restored Nation Grief Care Groups

We are so glad you found us. You are not alone. You are safe and loved here.

Restored Nation exists to help individuals process through grief, heal from trauma, and gain freedom as they discover their royal identity in Christ. We are passionate about helping those in a pit of despair and shame, come up and out of it permanently. We reach for them with love, honor and hope.

Under the umbrella of Restored Nation are the following Groups & Sessions:

  • She’s Restored: A 9 session group format, confidential, closed small group Bible study for women of any age who have had an elective abortion(s) at some point in their past.  Often they are suffering emotionally, spiritually and physically and have reached a breaking point where they feel they must address the secret that feels heavy and shameful.  This group offers a unique sisterhood where hope and healing are ALWAYS found. (We use Forgiven & Set Free)

  • She's Restored by the Sea: A 4-Day intensive, that includes all of the content offered in our 9 session group setting but at the coast and all completed in 4 days in a retreat style setting.
  • Keys to Hope and Healing: Keys to Hope and Healing is the gateway to start a conversation about healing from abortion. It is a nonreligious study. This group is currently done virtually by our team, allowing us to serve women from anywhere. It is a 6-week group and we use the Keys to Hope and Healing curriculum created by Support After Abortion.
  • He’s Restored: A 9 session, confidential, closed small group Bible study for men of any age who have had a role in one or more pregnancy’s resulting in an elective abortion(s) at some point in their past. This group is conducted in the same manner as She’s Restored. (We use Reclaiming Fatherhood)

  • In His Arms: A one-on-one healing session for women or couples that have experienced miscarriage and are seeking a grieving/healing process. Our leaders will meet with the individuals for one 2-to-4-hour session.

  • Women in Recovery:  We offer a referral specialist that will help you find in-person or online support for addition.

  • Strong Moms Support Group: Strong Moms is a safe and confidential community created for our single mothers. We meet in-person once month at  at Heritage Church NW. 8830 NE 76th Street Vancouver, WA 98662. Free childcare and breakfast provided. Email us for dates and times.

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