Support Provider


Mountain Area Pregnancy Services- Waynesville

If you have experienced any of these or questions, you might find it helpful to talk about the abortion and process your feelings. Some choose to live in silence because of fear of how others will react. You do not have to go through this journey alone or live in silence. Even if things feel okay right now, you still might find it helpful to talk to someone. We are here to help. You can call us at 828-558-4466  to speak to a caring, non-judgmental staff member. All our services are confidential. It doesn’t matter if your abortion was yesterday or 30 years ago, you can speak to someone about how you are feeling.


We offer an ongoing facilitator led support group for women and men.  The support group provides a safe and confidential space no matter where you are in your healing journey. We’d love to have you join us when you are ready.