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Marianne Fernandez

Helping you through this painful taboo. Together towards healing and hope.

Hello, I'm Marianne

At this point you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the options available here.

Who do you choose to contact? Who will be that person "out there" that you are looking for who you can relate to, talk to, feel comfortable with and move forward with?

It might feel like a big step to get in touch with me but hopefully this info will give you the courage to reach out and make that first contact.

I offer the Keys To Hope and Healing programme virtually (via Zoom) for women / for men / as a secular  / as a Christian six session course. I offer both 1 to 1 and group courses.

My background:

I have worked as a qualified executive coach for over 10 years within my own business. Prior to that I spent 15 years in corporate management roles.

Since 2018 I have partnered with RightNow Media in Texas to produce video-based healing resources on the topics of infertility, miscarriage and abortion.  Although I haven't had an abortion myself I have lost a baby to miscarriage and then suffered secondary infertility.  The pain of each of those experiences was indescribable.  Loss is loss.  Pain is pain. And I am here to help you.

Whilst I am British and based in the UK I am still able to reach you, wherever you are, and include you in my virtual courses via Zoom.  Plus you can pretty much guarantee anonymity in my virtual groups, with me being so far away.

I hope you will get in touch when you are ready.

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