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LovedMuch Ministries Texas (Abortion Healing)

"Until all are crowned with love and compassion..." Psalm 103:4

LovedMuch is a confidential support group and Bible study designed to help women find healing from a past abortion(s). We are passionate about removing the silence that often shrouds the abortion issue, leaving many wounded hearts in the community and in church pews mistaking the silence for shame. We are available by phone, text, and email to talk with women one on one to find out what they're looking for and what they're ready for. If they opt to move forward, LovedMuch is a 10 week Bible study and abortion healing curriculum rendered in a face to face, local setting here in Montgomery county Texas and surrounding areas. We hope to have a virtual class option no later than Jan 2024. We use the curriculum Her Choice to Heal by Sydna Masse (book and workbook). Free books are available when there is a need. We meet in a confidential and secure location, and offer connection to other ministries both online and in person, recommended reading, blogs, online community resources, and after-care ideas. The class is Christ-centered, however, we welcome those who are seeking to learn more about how faith can offer a deeper level of healing and restoration. 

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