Support Provider


LifeVictory Coaching, and S.M.A.R.T. Women’s Healthcare


Currently, we offer virtual healing through one-on-one abortion recovery coaching. Offering several programs, from secular to faith based, depending on the desires of the client. Forgiven and Set Free, and SaveOne are our chosen faith based programs, and Keys to Hope and Healing and Unraveled Roots are more secular in scope.
We believe healing the heart, mind, soul and spirit begins the process of healing the body.
Once a client has gone through the abortion healing and recovery aspects of their wholeness journey we offer a life coaching program called, Finding Your God Given Sweet Spot - Identity and Destiny - 7 Steps To a Purpose Filled Life.
It is our philosophy that when someone knows they have a purpose in life, they make healthier, life affirming choices that leads them into a better life.