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Laura Colantino LPC

Laura Colantino is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Illinois who has been practicing since 2016. Laura offers real compassion, a true concern to help others, a disarming presence, and great listening skills. She has been told that she is “real” and makes people feel safe and comfortable. Laura uses creativity and light-heartedness where applicable to help establish trust and the therapeutic relationship. She has personal experience with trauma and other life challenges that have increased her ability to empathize with others who face such struggles. Laura has had the privilege to walk alongside women and men who have experienced trauma after having an abortion or being a loved one of someone who has had an abortion and feel a sense of loss and regret afterwards. Due to stigma, true healing can be difficult for many who feel like they cannot grieve this type of loss. This is a unique understanding and experience she can offer as a counselor to those who have this struggle. Laura assists on healing weekend retreats for this population and has learned much about this issue. She has also walked with those who have experienced pregnancy loss due to miscarriage and has helped them find peace and hope. In her spare time, Laura likes to cook and bake, spend time with her family and take care of their variety of pets including a goat and a bearded dragon. She also loves outdoor activities such as hiking and simply enjoying nature.

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3008 Happy Landing Drive, Springfield, IL 62711, USA
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