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Abundant After Abortion

Abundant After Abortion

Hey girl. I'm Katie and I'm really happy to have found you.


We're here. We've had an abortion(s). But you might be wondering if it's possible to ever be your "old self" again.


Honey, the choice we made can't be undone. But that doesn't mean we can never be the happy girl we once were prior to our abortion(s).


Truth is, what we think might be our demise can actually be the step we can use to step into God's goodness.


Emotions are powerful but our decision to allow God to work in our lives is even powerfuller! As in, Jesus died to bring us life; and that to the full (John 10:10).


Certified coach through The Life Coach School, I am here to help. Learn to pinpoint thoughts that defy what the bible says about you and start feeling hopeful for your future once again. It's time to create Abundance After Abortion.