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Uncovering Hope – Post Abortion Support Group

If you feel sad, alone, or unsure about how to move forward after an abortion, Uncovering Hope is here for you.

Sponsored by Hope Clinic for Women, Uncovering Hope is a free support group for those who have experienced abortion.

We understand how much courage it takes to show up to that first meeting, just know that Uncovering Hope is non-judgmental, and it is not religious.  It is a safe space for you to share, listen, and process with others who have had similar experiences.

Meetings are patterned after the Alanon, 12-Step program.  We share our experience, strength, and hope, and refrain from giving advice.  We emphasize confidentiality and encourage you to take from the meeting what you liked and what was relevant to you and leave the rest.

Meetings are online every Wednesday evening from 6:30pm until 7:30pm Central Time (check your local time zones to make the necessary time adjustments).

For more information about the group or to sign up for the group, contact Sara Baldwin at 615-274-5571 0r  You are not alone!

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