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Healing the Father Reaching Men

My method to date and what I have found success with is one on one via phone or in the case of international contacts, via email. When I get a referral, I contact them as quickly as possible to let them know help is on the way. I only work with male abortion-wounded individuals. I  establish where the client is at the first encounter. Their history with abortion, their theology background, family history and so forth. I listen to the client and early on, establish we have a shared experience. In essence, a "me too/you too" almost bond.  Again, early on, I offer that I have achieved peace with my abortion past.  My intention is to impart that peace to them as I have gained a sense of peace with my abortion past, they have the same opportunity. This may take a second or third conversation prior to taking healing steps.

Males (guys) tend to want to fix things.  They want to know what they can do about their situation.  Working through Healing the Father, I share specific actions they can adopt that enabled and supports my own peace.  I offer a list of books they can read and encourage them to get and read each one.  I have a list of songs they can download that support their move to peace. Overall, I establish their journey to peace doesn't end when we cease talking. Their journey is life-long and results in a peace they did not have when we first talked.

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