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Foothills Care Center Recovery Care- Seneca

Begin your healing journey here.

"I just didn't know" is often the statement women will share after experiencing abortion as the effects of grief are felt yet not often explained. Emotions, questions, and pain linger for years however, there is hope. There is healing.

Foothills Care Center offers recovery programs for those who have trauma associated with abortion as well as those who seek to overcome the pain of their past that may include rejection, abuse, addiction, codependency and abandonment. Healing is a process and we are here to assist with the journey.

Groups, one-to-one consultations, and virtual visits are led by trained facilitators who seek to understand the effects of trauma and the accompanying unexpressed pain and grief that touch relationships, mental health and the holistic well-being of each participant. We desire to share guidance, support and even our own accounts of recovery to guide your through your own healing journey at FCC.