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My abortion was several years ago and I was a firm believer that I had received the healing that I needed for many of those years. When I started working in a Pregnancy Center I discovered I still had a long way to go. I studied a recovery book but there was no support group at that time in my area. A few months later I attended a recovery retreat that became available. It was there I received so much healing and peace that I wanted to share with others some of the tools and ways that I could help other ladies who had gone through the similar loss I had.

There are three ways my co-facilitator and I offer post abortive recovery. We offer a 7-8 week course in person, via Zoom or the same course over a weekend retreat. There is no judgement as everyone in the group including the facilitators have been through abortion and have felt similar losses.

When I first started the recovery training I felt that a retreat or in person training was the only way to go but I have learned that through zoom we can reach ladies all over the country and abroad who may not have the resources in their area or feel comfortable meeting in a place where they my know other people personally.

Our desire is to meet the ladies where they are in their life at the time and help them reach healing and peace.

Our ladies that have met each other have begun their own journeys now and it is so exciting to see what this healing has done for them and their families!

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