Support Provider


CAPS Pregnancy+ Medical Clinics

We desire to create a safe space for you to process your feelings regarding your abortion(s) and to walk with you through your healing process. Our Abortion Care Specialist (ACS) had an abortion and carried that weight for years until she invested in her journey of grief and forgiveness. She has been trained to walk other women through their own healing process. Our ACS can meet with you in person or virtually. During your initial appointment, you can share your story and learn more about the steps towards healing. We use a 6-week Keys to Hope and Healing workbook, which can be done either from a non-faith or a Christian perspective. Additionally, you can participate in a 10-week group Forgiven and Set Free Bible study and/or attending a weekend retreat hosted by a ministry called From Grief to Gladness. You are not alone. Let's walk this journey together!