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A little Button means a precious Button lived. Towards healing from abortion (3)

Buttons Project Trust

To provide compassionate, non-judgmental, & genuine care for people seeking healing from abortion.

Buttons Project Charitable Trust was born out of our own abortion experience and journey of healing.
Buttons Project receives buttons and heartfelt messages to commemorate the babies we never met. We receive physical buttons and virtual buttons which are displayed on our "Virtual Buttons Memorial" - We also facilitate post abortion healing and recovery programmes, speaking, connect with other networks, and bring awareness of post abortion stress.
The unspoken grief of abortion can deeply affect us, and many can suffer in silence. From my own experience, you can feel this void within, and your heart is grieving, but you can’t talk about or share your pain with others because it is considered unacceptable. It is often suppressed—unknowingly hindering you from living life to the fullest. Existing in a grey zone. Forever changed in one way or another. Who will truly understand what I am going through? Many post-abortive women and men are often struggling alone with their pain and just waiting for the right person to hear their story. Someone who will not condemn them or minimize what has happened.
The key to moving on from loss and pain is understanding and awareness. What happened mattered, a way to remember, to grieve, and to love. You matter, and you are not alone.
Why a button?
It is easy to find and easy to send. (via post or virtually)
It can be unique – representing a personal loss.
It can symbolise closure, or security.
Buttons are long-lasting, though fabric may fade or tear.
Buttons join; buttons bring together. We are not alone.