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Anchor of Hope Health Center

Abortion Healing

We Are Anchor Of Hope: Sheboygan County’s NO COST Sexual Health Clinic.

We are glad you found us. We look forward to serving you.

We are here to help, listen, and support – no matter what.
All of our services are at NO COST, professional, and confidential:
Recovery From Your Abortion Experience Is Important. We Are Here For You.​

You may experience emotional, physical or relational struggles resulting from a past abortion decision.

Emotional: We invite you to a safe, confidential and compassionate start to healing after abortion. For more information, call or text “HEALING” TO 920-452-4673.

Physical: We offer post-abortion appointments. We know that pregnancy is a life-changing event for both those who choose to carry pregnancies to term and those who decide to terminate a pregnancy. Because of this – we want to be available to provide  services at NO COST that are professional and confidential.

Relational: Our women’s health center in Sheboygan offers free and confidential appointments with Client Advocates that you can schedule with your significant other or individually.

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1018 South Taylor Drive, Sheboygan, WI, USA
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