Unraveled Roots – self guided

Do you ever ask yourself, “Why do I keep doing this?” These videos can help you to learn the root causes of your unhealthy behavior and choose differently.

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Keys to Hope & Healing - Womans Guide

Chapter 1

Why Am I Here

  1. Read the Foreword – Chapter 1
  2. Watch the Video

Chapter 2

The Root of Abandonment

  1. Read Chapter 2
  2. Watch the Video

Chapter 3

The Root of Addiction

  1. Read Chapter 3
  2. Watch the Video

Chapter 4

The Root of Abuse

  1. Read Chapter 4
  2. Watch the Video

Chapter 5

The Root of Codependency

  1. Read Chapter 5
  2. Watch the Video

Chapter 6

Where Do I Grow Now?

  1. Read Chapter 6
  2. Watch the Video