My girlfriend got pregnant.

My girlfriend got pregnant. We talked about what to do, and decided together to have an abortion. “ It wasn’t the right time”. “We weren’t ready”. Two months later my girlfriend started talking about the abortion a lot. She started crying a lot. She regretted our choice and wanted to go back and change it. … Continued

I was not a young naive woman when I had my abortion

I was not a young naive woman when I had my abortion, yet I had no idea how much I would suffer afterward. I was plagued with guild, shame, and self-hatred. I no longer thought of myself as a good person. Support After Abortion took the healing journey with me and connected me with a … Continued

I didn’t expect to feel this way.

I just had an abortion yesterday, and I am feeling really depressed, sad and alone. I didn’t expect to feel this way. At the time, I thought it was the right decision. I couldn’t have a baby. How would I manage? Now I’m asking myself the same question, how will I manage without my baby!! … Continued

I Never Thought I’d Be Starting Over At My Age

I have 3 kids, the youngest is 11. I don’t want to start over raising children again, yet here I am pregnant. I have an appointment for an abortion next week. I can’t believe this is happening to me. My ex is out of the picture, good riddance. I can’t have another baby. We barely … Continued

I Need Help!

I am a young male whose girlfriend chose to abort our child and it is slowly killing me inside. I am lost and I feel alone. I have no one to talk to about it because she does not want to talk about him. I need help. I promised my girlfriend I wouldn’t tell anyone … Continued

Today is a New Beginning