While at one of my appointments at Pregnancy Solutions, a volunteer approached me and asked if I’d like to talk to someone about my struggle with my past abortions. I told her to let me think about it. Recognizing the impact that my abortions had on me, I decided to go for it. A really funny, nonjudgemental, and genuine woman shared with me her struggle after having an abortion. I could relate to most of what she shared. She also told me there is hope, healing, and peace after abortion. I wasn’t so sure about that. She told me a small group of women who had a similar experience were beginning a book, and she asked if I would like to join them. She gave me the book and I started to read the first chapter for class. Opening the book, I didn’t realize how much of an impact that it would have on my life. I didn’t realize how broken and hurt I was from my past abortions. How my drinking, isolation, crying, and depression were all from my abortions. How I thought this sin was unforgivable. Going through the class brought me closer to God. I built relationships with others in the class. I was able to get my life back on track for my son and my unborn child. I was able to start the healing process for recovery. I was becoming myself again. I am currently going through another post-abortion class with hopes that I will be able to lead my own group. I want to help others that suffered what I suffered after having an abortion. If telling my story to a group of people can help one heal, I am ready to tell my story to thousands of groups.