The regulations of a global pandemic have forced us all to become a little more flexible and capable of pivoting at a moment’s notice. As Support After Abortion embraced the rapid shift to an all-digital experience launching over 30 FB Live weekly broadcasts, conducting numerous virtual healing groups, and putting on 2 Virtual Conferences, a common thread of compassion, collaboration, and capacity began to appear. We foresee these three pillars guiding us into 2021 and helping us make significant gains for the abortion healing movement worldwide.


Through the shared testimonies of those impacted by abortion on our weekly Facebook Lives and our Virtual Conferences, we plan to continue to humanize abortion. When people bravely share their stories, they show the pain that follows abortion. They show how that pain, when unaddressed, spreads like cracks in a broken glass into all areas of their lives. Their view of themselves, their relationships, and their behaviors are negatively impacted. Sharing personal stories helps those who have been impacted by abortion to come forward and seek healing. These stories also help to raise awareness in the rest of us, helping to shape our responses to be less of reaction and more of compassion.

One of our aims at Support After Abortion is to break the silence and stigma associated with the word abortion. We want to help society see abortion as less of a political issue and more of a human issue. With millions of abortions performed during the 50 years since Roe v Wade, there are so many men and women in need of healing. Imagine what our communities might look like when they are filled with healed adults with healthy views of themselves, in healthy relationships, and exhibiting healthy behaviors.Collaboration

In just 8 short months, Support After Abortion has helped to unite abortion healing in the United States. For the first time, individual organizations and ministries have come together to work as a team. Through our networking and collaboration, we have identified over 200 after abortion healing programs. Over 200 healing programs translates to true options-based healing for men and women. With a variety of options, our industry can meet people where they are. If an individual wants a faith-based program, we have a variety of curriculum options. If an individual prefers a non-faith-based program, we are prepared to provide them with such resources as well.

Support After Abortion’s collaboration with organizations and ministries within the abortion healing movement has helped to build stronger leaders. Despite a global pandemic, our Virtual Conferences enabled us to reach 8,000 leaders in the industry. When we better equip leaders and strengthen relationships among them, our capacity to reach others effectively improves.


As our leadership abilities strengthen, and we begin to reach more individuals, the demand for healing increases as more and more individuals begin to come forward. To be prepared for the millions of people impacted by abortion, we need to increase our capacity to serve. The abortion healing movement needs to grow leaders exponentially so that individuals can heal and lead those impacted within their communities until abortion becomes a thing of the past.

We hope you’ll partner with us in our vision for 2021 to build and strengthen abortion healing worldwide. Click here to support the cause and give a monetary gift.