Recently the abortion healing movement has shifted its focus from the mother to the impact abortion has on entire families. As society begins to talk about the impacts of abortion, we see men need healing after abortion, too. Committed to providing compassion, building leaders, and expanding capacity for men’s healing, Support After Abortion is launching a new Men’s Task Force.

Why is a Task Force needed?

The new focus on the impact of abortion on men means we are entering uncharted territory. The industry as a whole has so many unanswered questions. While we are beginning to gain access to men’s thoughts and emotions through shared personal testimonies, detailed consumer research is still needed.

We have seen the value of such consumer research with the 2020 Support After Abortion research focused on women. The information gathered from the research continues to direct the steps of Support After Abortion. Once we learned that women didn’t know where to go for healing and we learned what kind of healing they would prefer, Support After Abortion was able to create and provide options-based resources for the consumer. In a short time, the abortion healing movement has already begun to see results through collaboration with industry leaders. The collaboration has directly impacted our collective capacity to reach and serve clients.

The Support After Abortion 2021 initiative of a specialized Men’s Task Force will enable the abortion healing movement to be strategic and intentional in learning how to serve a seemingly forgotten population better.

What Will the Men’s Healing After Abortion Task Force Look Like?

The Men’s Task Force will consist of a core team of men from various backgrounds and occupations, with a passion for the abortion-healing movement. The group, headed by Support After Abortion’s Nathan Misirian, will meet monthly to collaborate and network nationally.What are the Goals of the Men’s Task Force?

Support After Abortion has three goals we hope to achieve with the Men’s Task Force initiative.

  1. To learn how to better serve men.

    To serve men better, consumer research needs to be conducted. Just as the 2020 Support After Abortion research revealed that 9 of 10 women don’t know where to go for abortion healing and the vast majority of women prefer a non-faith-based approach, the Men’s Task Force is committed to learning the needs and wants of men. Funding, creating, and distributing such research for men will be groundbreaking for the abortion healing movement.
  2. To provide leaders with a list of the best resources available for men.

    Leaders in the abortion healing movement would benefit greatly from an evaluated and reviewed list of important resources. The Men’s Task Force will research the available resources and evaluate them to create a list of the top-10 resources. Such a list will save leaders time and effort and thereby increase their capacity to focus their time on helping individuals heal.
  3. To discover and connect with independent abortion healing ministries for men.

    Lastly, the task force hopes to locate independent abortion healing ministries serving men around the United States. The group is seeking to connect and collaborate with independent ministries. Such connection and collaboration will help to equip and empower the ministries in their capacity to serve.

Why is Consumer Research so Important?

Abortion has been happening for decades. Millions of men and women have been impacted, yet we have heard very little from those impacted regarding what they need or how they need it. Funding, creating, and distributing such consumer research will provide groundbreaking data that will revolutionize the abortion healing movement. Once we can learn what men impacted by abortion need, we can serve them better.

How Can You Help?

Support After Abortion needs to raise $30,000 to fund consumer research focused on understanding how to connect men to healing after abortion. If you feel led to donate and contribute to the actualization of this goal, click here to learn how you can make your best gift.

Do you know a man who has been impacted by abortion that has a passion for helping other men who have been impacted? Contact Nathan to learn more about the Men’s Task Force initiative.

Are you struggling after abortion? We are here to help. Contact us.