President of the Justice Foundation, Allan Parker reviews the changes that have occurred since abortion became legal through Roe v Wade, almost 50 years ago.

Allan states, “There are five reasons why Roe v Wade should be reversed, and six judges with an open mind to reverse that decision. Now it is up to states and us to motivate and drive this reversal.”

The five legal reasons Roe v Wade should be reversed are: (1) abortion is a crime against humanity, (2) women can have the freedom of Roe without the human costs, (3) abortion hurts women, (4) 1-2 million people want to adopt newborn babies, and (5) new science.

So what can we do? One way to get involved is to sign the Moral Outcry Petition. When you sign this petition you sign your name to an important piece of legislation that will voice your desire for a reversal of Roe v Wade.

Allan also encourages everyone to listen to the testimonies of the women impacted by abortion. With compassion and not condemnation, research ways you can get involved in the Abortion Healing Recovery Process and Movement. He highlights Support After Abortion, as doing exceptional research to show the pain abortion causes women and how it is imperative we listen and help all men and women impacted by abortion.

When asked if he foresees an end to abortion, Allan states a confident, “YES!” He continues to say, “No one every thought Communism would fall, and it did!

For a complete review of the Moral Outcry Petition, testimonies of women impacted by abortion, and ways to get involved click here. For Allan’s presentation, click here.