Director of the Kentucky Right to Life, Addia Wuchner, discusses two key factors that will help change legislation and end the demand for abortion.

The first Addia discusses the Law of Informed Consent. Addia notes that healthcare was originally designed as to create and nourish a trusting relationship between patient and provider. Informed Consent would make it necessary and mandatory for all providers to review all risks and effects, both physical and mental, that come with making an abortion decision. Informed Consent would paint a realistic picture for men and women, and help them make a rational decision based on years of proven research. Addia states, “it is disrespectful and unethical to not give men and women informed consent on the entire decision if abortion.” Informed consent has been met with opposition from providers who think it is disrespectful to go over that information with men and women, because as the provider states, “she already knows what she is doing.

According to Addia, there is a way to mitigate this barrier. In conjunction with the Law of Informed Consent, Addia encourages men and women who have been impacted by abortion to come forward and share their testimony. There is righteousness and judgment with lawmakers when making laws. They come with bias and religious background, and the words can become painful. Addia encourages men and women to come forward when they are ready, to help us change the dialogue and language to be more compassion driven.

As Addia states, “when we change the dialogue or language, and lead with compassion, we will change a culture.”