President of Anglicans For Life, co-founder of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign and facilitator of the Abortion Recovery Coalition, Georgette Forney discusses her journey through abortion healing, why abortion healing is important, where to go for healing and how to help others heal.

After her abortion, Georgette, built her walls of denial. She became tough, and determined that no one will know her secret. It was not until she started to acknowledge her loss, that her healing began. She began her career at Anglicans For Life, and broke her silence. She allowed thousands to hear her testimony of grief and regret. It was during this time, she realized just how many men and women were impacted by abortion and just how few resources were available that offered hope and healing.

The first step to helping those impacted by abortion heal, is understanding them. “Those impacted by abortion are still misunderstood. From ProLifers we hear we are heartless, careless murderers. Proaborters dismiss our pain.” Both misperceptions and judgments reaffirm the need to be quiet. To understand men and women impacted by abortion you have to listen, and how people speak back to them marks that person as safe to talk to, or someone to avoid.

Next, people need to know what resources are available to help those impacted by abortion heal. Currently there are 32 groups under the Abortion Recovery Coalition. These groups include, but are not limited too, specific men and women recovery resources, 24 hour hotlines to call for help, and a place to read testimonies of those who have suffered from abortion.

To learn more about these groups, and the extensive history of Abortion Recovery Healing click here to download the PDF on Georgette’s presentation to find your own healing, or help those impacted by abortion start their healing.