Greg Hasek discusses the impact early trauma has on a future abortion decision. He states,

“many women and men have experienced previous trauma as a child and that trauma has a direct impact on their ability to make a rational decision upon finding out they are or their partner is pregnant. Their response is often a limbic system response rooted in and often triggering past fears and attachment belief systems that are often unconscious. Rational prefrontal cortex kicks back in post abortion. As a result, feelings of regret hit. The relief stage is ever so brief for the limbic angst. Both men and women often ask, ‘How could I have done this?’’

There are two ways to intervene both in the present moment and in the future so that this response and trauma does not become generational. First, when someone has found out they are pregnant, their brain goes through a flight or fight response. The unplanned pregnancy is seen as a problem that needs to be solved. In this moment, people need to encourage the man or woman to breathe deeply to steady their heart rate.

Walking, listening to music or meditating are great ways to relax the body, which will relax the mind. Once the man or woman has had time to calm down, they can then make a rational decision.

Greg states that most trauma people experience in the first two years of their life. To make sure the pattern or trauma does not repeat itself through future generations, the ProLife movement can invest more in parenting programs and support those who are new parents. By investing in these programs, we are healing the parents and again stop the generational trauma that can occur.