On today’s episode of The Healing Network Live, Lisa Rowe, CEO of Support After Abortion, reflects on July’s monumental virtual conference while casting vision for the upcoming virtual conference in October.

“We’ve been praying for something like this for eight years.”

While abortion healing has existed for quite some time, the vehicle for how healing is disseminated is seriously flawed. In fact, a sense of connectedness is lacking. Individual abortion healing ministries and programs exist, but none are connected to a larger network. “Each ministry and program works tirelessly to serve their clients. Often exhausting their resources by trying to do everything in their own strength, ministries and programs feel a heavy weight upon their shoulders to make an impact in abortion healing,” reflects Lisa Rowe, CEO of Support After Abortion.

Support After Abortion creates a solution to this decades-old problem. With the mission to build and strengthen abortion healing worldwide, Support After Abortion connects the individual healing ministries and programs and plugs them into a larger network. With the mentality of together everyone achieves more, the Support After Abortion Virtual Conference becomes a meeting place. Housing the industry’s influencers, forward thinkers, passionate servants, and the various curricula available, Support After Abortion is revolutionizing abortion healing globally.

Largest Abortion Healing Conference To Date

Support After Abortion’s July Virtual Conference was an answer to prayer. With 5,600 participants from 22 countries and 6 continents—it was the world’s largest abortion conversation to date. 65 presenters from all facets of abortion healing—members of the clergy, men and women with personal testimonies, authors, and leaders alike—all joined the conversation sharing their wisdom and expertise.

Support After Abortion organized an incredible amount of content from presenters into a series of pre-recorded videos and live booths. The live booths were extremely well received. Much like a Facebook live event, participants were able to interact and engage with speakers and each other. Participants were able to network through the chat and were given the opportunity to engage with the speaker by asking any questions that might benefit the larger group.

With the first three days of the conference being free, the event was accessible to all attendees. Anyone impacted by abortion or anyone with a heart to serve those impacted could tune in free of charge. To revisit the content or view it on a deeper level, Support After Abortion offered participants the opportunity to purchase a premium pass. Premium pass holders were granted access to all the individual speakers and session content through the month of September—giving them ample time to work through the content and begin to implement some of the things learned.Expanding Abortion Healing Strategies and Certification for Leaders, Professionals and Clergy

Based on what Support After Abortion was able to accomplish through a grassroots movement, we believe that our continued innovation will yield a greater number of attendees for October’s conference. With top-ten rated speakers returning by popular demand and with the participation of industry influencers like Abby Johnson, October’s Virtual Conference lineup will not disappoint.

  • Live booths on a larger scale–participants will be given even more opportunities to interact and engage with speakers and each other.
  • Streamlined content for easy navigation–recordings will fall under several categories including personal testimonies, the impacts of abortion, abortion as it pertains to social service, and abortion as it pertains to the clergy.
  • Streamlined content by reoccurring themes–a topic such as domestic abuse will be flagged and will include various perspectives on the issue. Attendees will be able to click and hear a protestant response, a catholic response, and even a therapist response to the topic.

Like the July Virtual Conference, conference attendees will be able to purchase premium passes. Being a premium pass holder will grant you an all-access pass to the content for a set number of months. This pass’s price will gradually increase by the end of the conference, so it is to your advantage to purchase it early. For the October Conference we will be offering a group option. Contact us to inquire about how to add the Agency Group Watch option.

Elevating and Building Abortion Healing Excellence

Because the mission of Support After Abortion is to build and strengthen abortion healing, our work won’t be done until the world is fully healed. We are continually thinking of ways to better serve our clients. We are excited to share a few of the projects we are currently working on. First, we have created a Support After Abortion Certificate Program with the partnership of Martha Shupping of Ashford Institute. This program’s vision is for our training to qualify as CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for nurses, therapists, and the like. We are also partnering with BrightCourse, the organization well known for its “Earn While You Learn” programs, to create a video curriculum for pregnancy centers. This video curriculum will help to expand the healing arms of pregnancy centers and better equip them to serve clients impacted by abortion and in need of healing.

We hope you’ll join us for more groundbreaking conversations on abortion and abortion healing at Support After Abortion’s October Virtual Conference. Conference access will be from October – December 2020.

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