Support After Abortion exists to see the world restored from the impact of abortion. Our mission is to influence the way the world provides restoration to men and women impacted by abortion through innovation, education, and collaboration. Our innovative, research-centered, options-based model gives everyone, regardless of their circumstances or barriers, an opportunity to live the life they were created for by breaking free from guilt, shame, and condemnation.

God began planting the seeds for Support After Abortion in 2016 at a Luncheons for Life event. Our Board President, Janine Marrone, was shocked as she listened to the speaker’s testimony about the emotional pain of her abortion experience. For the first time ever, Janine realized there were millions hurting from abortion across the world, and it wasn’t just the preborn baby- it was the mother, father, grandparents, sisters, friends, neighbors, clergy, etc. Janine was moved to action and began collaborating with leaders in southwest Florida to formulate a strategic plan to better serve those hurting after abortion.

As all this was transpiring, Callie Cowan, the Executive Director of Pregnancy Solutions, learned that 50% of the one million abortions performed every year were performed on women who had already had abortions. She realized that 500,000 abortions could be prevented every year by providing healing programs to women after their first abortion. When she reflected on their current restoration programming, she knew that she would never make a dent in preventing those abortions if they continued with their current program model. As Callie explored possibilities for improvement and learned about Janine’s offer to underwrite a restoration program, she seized the opportunity and knew she had the perfect person to develop and launch the program.

Karin Barbito was hired by Pregnancy Solutions to research and develop a better understanding of how to serve those hurting after abortion. Karin, being personally impacted by abortion, participated in over 10 healing groups. She witnessed firsthand the beauty and transformation that came with healing from her own abortion experience. She also developed a clear understanding of the programs that were available to men and women impacted by abortion. She began leading local after abortion healing programming with a team of volunteers.

We saw God’s plan come to fruition in 2017 when Support After Abortion was officially launched! As a result of providing options-based healing programs and a partnership with the movie Unplanned, Support After Abortion grew from serving 52 clients in 2018 to serving over 900 clients in 2019. Clients were flooding in from all over the world searching for safe, confidential, compassionate help. What we learned through this process was that, as a whole, the nation was underserving those impacted by abortion by largely providing a one size fits all program. Experience and research revealed that a majority of people impacted by abortion wanted to remain anonymous and preferred non-faith, options based support.

Establishing a national presence and becoming a leader in abortion healing resulted in an invitation to join the National Abortion Recovery Coalition (ARC), a group comprised of national leaders and influencers in after-abortion support. Recognizing the global impact Support After Abortion was making, the southwest Florida pregnancy center’s Board of Directors recognized that continuing to incubate it under the local pregnancy center was holding it back. They advised that Support After Abortion should become it’s own 501(c)(3) to fulfill all that God had planned for it.

Support After Abortion is excited to be connecting and supporting other healing organizations across the world. Through research and strategic marketing, Support After Abortion is bringing global awareness to the need for options-based healing after abortion. Together, we can help those struggling after abortion find the hope and healing they deserve.